Ayurveda and food practices go together: Dr Srivatsav

Mysuru, May 9:- Music forms part of Ayurvedic treatment, says Dr Srivatsav, a professor from Government Ayurvedic Hospital.

In the course of his health talk held at the Saraswathi Samudaya Bhavana, Elders Citizens’ Council, Jayalakshmipuram, here recently, Dr Srivatsav addressed the well-attended senior citizens and explained the various stages of the lifestyle of the present-day changed from the erstwhile safe practices followed by the ancestors, which is the main cause for various diseases.

He spoke about the eight divisions of  chikitsas (treatment) taken up for the Ayurvedic treatment by the hospital which included Karya chikitsava, Bala chikitsava, shalya tantra (surgery) chikitsava, utsha, jara chikitsava for old aged people, vaju karana (delay in  conceiving), griha chikitsava.

He advised sutras of dieting and  consumption of food with the following prescription – food as available in the locality in that season, more green leafy vegetables, raw or baked or even half baked as per the taste,  consumption of more milk, particularly cow milk at least one glass per day, eating more fruits available in the seasons, using edible oils like groundnut and coconut oils in the food we consume, spices like lavanga (clove), chekka mugga (cinnamon), hing (asafoetida), yelakki (cardamom), etc., but to a limited extent, use of sugar and salt in the food to a requisite level with more jaggery used to strengthen body’s iron content.

Apart from the food habits, Dr Srivatsav also advised other cares to be taken which include a proper levelled sleeping bed, with the pillow not above the shoulder level to give sound sleep, physical exercises like yoga and walking exercises as permitted by the body, breathing practices including pranayama and controlling the indriyas. The Desha gnana of food practices as per the local availabilities, the dress code of wearing clothes as per the climatic weather, kala gnana, a lifestyle as per the seasons and Athma Gnana is a way of developing our character as per the requirement of the society.

Dr Srivatsav informed the audience that the hospital manned by a number of qualified and experienced  Ayurvedic doctors, with rich facilities to be provided to the needy patients and requested them to pay a  visit to the hospital on Tuesdays or Saturdays and utilise the facilities for their better health.

S V Gowdappa, chairman of the Building Trust, thanked the chief guest for explaining in vast, the various food habits for a healthy life and also for creating awareness on the various facilities available at the hospital. Venkateshaiah, secretary of the Elder Citizens’ Council, who proposed a vote of thanks, said that such healthcare programmes are useful to the members and appealed to the members to bring with them more new members to improve the audience.

Susheela Mari Gowda, vice-president; VN Achar, treasurer; Dr Nagaraj, past president; committee members Ramanath K V, Latha and many others were present. (MR)

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