Bahuroopi-2018: National seminar on ‘Migration’ begins at Rangayana 

Migrants have contributed immensely to India: Elkunchwar

Mysuru, January 20:- The two-day national seminar on ‘Migration’ organised as part of the annual national theatre festival ‘Bahuroopi-2018’ at Rangayana was inaugurated in the city on Saturday.

Renowned Marathi playwright Mahesh Elkunchwar inaugurated the national seminar.

Delivering the inaugural address, he said, “Migration is a smooth operation only when people are prepared to get integrated into the host country.”

“If we consider the scene in India, there are many immigrants who came to India like Syrian Christians, Parsis, etc. They all migrated from their native region because of the political and religious persecution and India welcomed them and now they have become Indian citizens. The members of these communities were given space, freedom to practice their idea, religion and live accordingly. They also contributed immensely to India and today we can’t imagine the country without these people. Their contribution has been amazing. Immigrants also contribute a lot; they were not only accepted, tolerated, they were respected; their religions were respected altogether today to make what India is. When I say ‘today’ it is not the correct word, four years ago may be because, things are changing very fast,” he added.

Lawyer and writer Nandira Haksar, the chief guest, addressing the gathering emphasised on how the anger against the outsider is really raising its ugly head and now there is no easy solution to these issues. She took out the example of how the Hoteliers’ Association of Bengaluru came into existence in 2010 by saying that the hotel industry will be affected if many of the workers were from the north eastern part of the country. A lot of people employed in Bengaluru hotels and restaurants have been working as cooks and captains specialised in Chinese and north Indian cuisine and if they decided to go back, the entire hotel industry would collapse.

During the seminar, various topics including migration-politics and human rights will be discussed in panel discussions.

On the final day of the seminar, the issue of sociological and cultural forms of migration will be discussed and Migration: agriculture, environment and technology will be discussed.

Senior journalist and writer P Sainath; State Nodal officer of the SC and ST nomadic, semi-nomadic, microscopic tribes development cell Bala Gurumurthy; director of Rangayana Bhagirathi Bai Kadam, joint director of Rangayana V N Mallikarjunaswamy and others were present.-(GK,KK)


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