Ban on cow slaughter will create problems: Manju

Mysuru, May 28:- “The ban on cow slaughter implemented by the central government will lead to more problems than solving it. We will write a letter to the central government to reconsider the decision,” said Animal Husbandry Minister A Manju here on Sunday. He was speaking at a press meet at Jaladarshini guest house.

“The decision of the central government will adversely hit the farmers. Among those who sell cattle, 90% are farmers. They sell cattle only when it is of no use. There should be permission to buy or sell cattle in fairs. The implemented act of 1964 is not banning the cow slaughter but it is cattle maintenance act. BJP should stop emotional talks and debate on the implemented act. We will meet the Prime Minister to explain him the ground realities,” he said.

“Former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa says if BJP comes to power, he would waive off the Rs 11,000 crore loan of farmers. He doesn’t speak about the Rs 40,000 crore loans in the nationalised banks. It is unjust to do politics in the name of farmers,” Manju opined. (MR/BM).

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