Bank job scam: Two more join the list of complainants

Mysuru, May 14:- Another complaint has been filed in addition to the previous complaints against some women who are taking gullible people for a ride on the pretext of getting them bank jobs. The list of people who have been cheated is increasing with every passing day.

The latest news is that Rajesh of Pandavapura and Keshavamurthy of Mysuru have joined the long list. It is alleged that Ramamani and Kavya of Mysuru took Rs 5.5 lakh from Rajesh and Rs 3 lakh from Keshavamurthy, promising them jobs in prestigious banks. When they asked about the jobs, the two have been giving reasons and trying to escape. When Rajesh and Keshavamurthy came to know about the complaints that were filed against the duo on April 29 and May 8, they called up Ramamani and Kavya asking them to return their money but there was no convincing reply from them.

A complaint has been registered at KR Police Station. (MR/KS)

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