Basava Jayanti by varsity Basava youth club held

If the people of Karnataka adopted messages by state based social reformers like Basavanna, Allamaprabhu and Akkamahadevi, the state can be transformed as an ideal state in the country. It is unfortunate that it has never happened till now, regretted, the Revenue Minister V Srini­vas Prasad here on Monday.

He was speaking after pay­ing floral tributes to the portrait of Basavanna during Basava Jayanti celebration, organised by Basava Students Club, University of Mysore.

He said, the civilized soci­ety have greater responsibil­ity to eradicate caste system by adopting the concepts of Buddha, Basavanna and Ambedkar.

Motivating youth to in­culcate nationalism, Srinivas Prasad said, “Every citizen has to give first priority to the nation with genuine patrio­tism, like the Japanese. Even though Japan was almost destroyed it became one of the most developed coun­tries in the world very soon. We Indians need to dedicate ourselves like Japan instead of resorting to disputes in the name of religion and caste,” he reiterated.

Further adding he said, Buddhism which had its roots in India spread to different parts of the world. Though its presence receded in the country of its origin, in Japan, Buddhism is largely followed and its message of peace has made an impact on val­ues leading to the upliftment of the society. We need to adopt such human values, instead of projecting social reformers and philosophers in favour of particular caste or community, he stressed.

An eminent epigraphist Kalburgi who was shot dead a few months ago, has also revealed similarities between the concepts of Buddha, Basavanna and Ambedkar after his in-depth researches. Instead of bifurcating society based on different castes, we need to inculcate human values to unite under the principle of nationalism, he asserted.

University of Mysore Registrar Prof C Basavaraju said that there is lot of difference between the democratic principles that is practiced by the people during twelfth century in Basavakalyana, and the democratic princi­ples adopted in 21st century. We are living in a complex society where challenges are faced to implement constitu­tional obligations for fulfilling the core objective of setting up of an equal society. If we adopt the concept of Basa­vanna, the ill effects of caste system would come to an end he opined.

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