Basic life support and first aid training programme for traffic police held in Mysuru

Mysuru, February 6:- Road traffic accidents are common across the world and it is the police personnel who are the first responders. Hence, providing basic life support during the crucial hour can help in saving lives or control major damages. It is extremely important that traffic policemen are aware of basic life support techniques which enable them to handle such situations with ease even before the ambulance or any other professional medical help arrives.

Keeping this in mind, Mysuru City Traffic Police and Columbia Asia Hospitals conducted “Basic life support and first aid” training programme for the traffic police personnel of Namma Mysuru. 218 police personnel received hands-on training on the life-saving techniques for medical emergencies during a road traffic accident.

Speaking about the training, S N Sandesh Kumar, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mysuru city said, “The increasing road accidents are a worrying fact, and many lives are lost due to RTA’s. By training our police personnel with basic life saving techniques, we hope to bring down the fatality rate.

The session was organised on February 4 and 5 in two batches daily at Krishnaraja Traffic Police Station training hall. “We are happy to be a part of the informative training session and we will work towards a better and safer Mysuru,” say the police personnel.

Dr Gautam Das, General Manager, Columbia Asia Hospital, said, “During emergencies, any time lost in waiting for medical help can worsen the situation. When proper first aid is administered chances for survival of the accident victim increases. There is a dire need for immediate assessment to be initiated by the police personnel and this programme will help them understand the importance of the “golden hour” and serve the city better.”

He also added that in this aspect Columbia Asia Hospital has also launched the campaign of “Save the number, Save lives.”

Dr Upendra Shenoy, Chief of Medical Services – Columbia Asia Hospital, said, “For accident victims, it is necessary to ensure they are breathing normally, and blood circulation is happening till they reach the hospital. Basic life support and first aid training can help in saving lives. In cases like sudden cardiac arrest, quick CPR initiation on the patient increases the chances of survival greatly. The patient can then be taken to the hospital for further treatment. If such programmes are conducted on a large scale, eventually we will be able to save more lives.”

The management of Columbia Asia Hospitals is very appreciative of the proactive efforts being made by the Mysuru City Traffic Police Department in collaborating for such essential training sessions.

A mannequin was used for this informative and educational session organised by the hospital on which the police personnel were givet hands-on training. The sessions by emergency medicine experts included techniques of providing first aid: In the event of fractures, bleeding, cardiac arrest and stroke. Post successful completion of the session, Basic Life Support (BLS) certificates were provided to all the participants. (MR)

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