Be a good human being, it costs nothing

I am a Hindu girl from Uttrakhand, studying in Mysuru.  I would love to share an incident which made me fall in love with this city and its people. I have always been hearing about the division of human race into different religions and how those religions become a top priority in our lives. But I have always felt that we often forget that we are nothing but mere humans in the first place.

When we have communal riots, we get furious, anger flares up inside us and we say things against each other, fight each other and what not.  But today at the time of demonetisation, which in my opinion is a real good step by the government, an incident happened which made me realise that there is no boundary of religion for love and care.

Firstly, Mysuru is a wonderful place, filled with values and I respect this place for the simplicity it holds. Yesterday, I was running out of cash and I needed money immediately. I don’t like to ask for help unless it is a serious issue. I was standing with my debit card at a small shop (a grocery store) in SS Nagar and was lost in my own thoughts. The owner, a Muslim, enquired as to what is bothering me and I told him that I was due to pay my house rent but couldn’t manage to withdraw money. The shopkeeper then did something which no one else bothered to do for a mere customer. He took out his swiping machine and he swiped my card and gave me the full money without taking any tax.

It’s not I didn’t meet other shopkeepers or medical stores or grocery shops who had machines to swipe but no one had come forward to help me.

This shopkeeper of SS Nagar made me understand that humanity doesn’t need any religion. All it needs is a heart which is ready to help. He really proved that being a Hindu or a Muslim doesn’t mean anything. Help others because that is how we grow, both individually and as a society. Mysureans are one of the finest people on the earth. People are busy saving money but do we take it with us when we die? Some people really set examples and raise the bar when it comes to being a ‘human’. Ultimately death cannot be fooled but what matters is how we have lived our life when we had the chance to live.

-By Nandita Pokhriyal

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