Be good and humble… it costs nothing

“One of the great movements in my lifetime among educated people is the need to commit themselves to action. Most people are not satisfied with giving money; we also feel we need to work.” –Peter Drucker

Padmanabhan (Pad) Narayanan, philanthropist

Mysuru, February 8:- This quote is possibly what sums up the motivation and fire that drives young Padmanabhan or Pad as he is lovingly known. In his years of interacting with people, he has been moved by the many tribulations and trials that assail people – especially women and girls. These instances have led Pad to believe that fulfillment comes from giving, and he considers it an honour and a privilege to be in a situation (albeit through hard work and dedication) where he could become and remain a giver. Good and Humble is the endeavour through which Pad is spreading the ideology of giving and volunteering. We will talk about what Good and Humble is consistently involved in as we move ahead.

“I am a tiny fish in a large ocean of givers, but I will continue my efforts in trying to bring about a positive impact on the causes that are dear to me. Good and Humble operates on the belief that giving back to society is an important part of life and Pad would want to continue using his financial resources to spread positivity and improve the quality of life for as many people as possible for him. Good and Humble is passionately dedicated to the cause of making the world a better place – not just through their efforts and the example set by those who operate it, the hope is to inspire others too – to give back.”

Pad believes that philanthropy has evolved – people are now not just contributing money but are more involved in their humanitarian endeavours. Good and Humble is not about giving money but evaluating and managing the actual results through the money and efforts. It is about being operationally and philanthropically efficient – and Pad is truly a modern-day philanthropist, although he does not like being called that. Pad comes across as an extremely humble and grounded individual, with fire and passion complementing his personality.

The fine line between charity and philanthropy

While charity is an emotional reaction to a situation and occurs in the short-term taking the form of monetary help and volunteering for various activities, philanthropy is about addressing the root causes of disturbing social issues. Philanthropy is a long-term and sustainable endeavour which has charity at its base – and this is what Good and Humble advocates. The premise is to understand the actual cause, which in turn increases the measurable impact of the bucks invested. It is about being involved in ensuring that the benefit of the endeavours reaches the persons for whom it is intended. Good and Humble is all about spreading love and positivity, for sustainable results.

We believe that Pad is truly a modern-day philanthropist – not only is he driven to give, he has proved to be an inspiration for several people, drawing them towards philanthropy and volunteering. Pad believes that if he can inspire even one person each day, the increase in the number of people giving will help to affect positive changes speedily – making the world a better place a lot faster.

Pad advocates that while philanthropy must remain rooted in the traditions, it must become more organised, specialised and spread on a global scale. We have experienced the fiery driven side of Pad that has a laser-like focus on strengthening communities, uplifting women and children, raising the standards of education, combating illness, providing relief to people afflicted by natural disasters, and more. Pad has a restless quality about him – he says that this is because of the breadth of his interests and the desire to enforce his passions while igniting the passion of giving in others.

If done right, philanthropy is a game-changer and the quintessential catalyst to drive social change and betterment – this is evident from the difference brought about by Good and Humble. (MR)

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