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Beating the scorching heat

Are you wondering how to beat the heat during the scorching summer season in Mysuru which has already set in? Do you want to keep your kids busy during the holidays? Are you looking for a good budget swimming pool to spend your weekends? Are you desirous of joining swimming classes for basic training? Don’t fret. Here is some good news. Mysuru has got one more high class swimming pool in its kitty to fulfill the needs of swimming lovers.

Global Sports Association has started a high class swimming pool at Sri Puttaraj Gawai Stadium premises in JP Nagar. The pools have been constructed on BOOT (build-own-operate-transfer) system with the help of Mysore City Corporation and Mayor B L Bhyrappa. The swimming pool has been built for the benefit of the Mysureans, prospective swimmers and also for those who want to learn swimming.

Swimming pools become a legitimate topic and place for youngsters and children to dive into the pool to test their swimming skills. Though Mysuru has had a few swimming pools, most of them were in hotels and the access was restricted to only a few that too with a hefty fee. But this economical *swimming pool remains open to all, irrespective of age and gender for a small amount of Rs 40 per hour or Rs 750 per month.

The main brain behind this is S Shiva Kumar who is also the president of Global Sports Association. He is also a former all-India inter-university individual champion and also a national medalist who has trained many national and international swimmers in Bengaluru before venturing into this initiative.

He owes it all to Bhyrappa who played a pivotal role in the construction of the state-of-the-art pools. Financial assistance to the swimming pool was given by his uncle K S Srinivas, who supported his nephew in his new venture. The construction of the swimming pool started in November last year and is presently running on trial basis but will be officially launched soon.


There are three pools _ outdoor pool, kids’ pool and indoor swimming pool. The specialty of the indoor swimming pool is that it is temperature-controlled, first of its kind in the city. The outdoor swimming pool is of a semi-Olympic size pool with a dimension 25M/21M and a depth of 4ft to 6ft. The kids’ pool is 15M/5M in dimension and 3-feet deep. Those who are interested to make use of the facility can visit the pool from 6 am to 10:00, 12 pm to 3:30pm. A separate batch for girls and ladies is conducted from  3:30 pm to 4:30 pm regularly.

Swimming classes are held in the mornings and afternoons (6 am to 8 am and 4.30 to 9 pm) which will cost you Rs 3000 per month. Those who need to pursue advanced classes or competitive swimming have to pay Rs 1500 and enroll. Shiva Kumar and trained instructors will continuously monitor the learners. Swim suits, glasses, hair cover and various other swimming accessories are also sold.


The pool also has separate change rooms for men and women. A latest filtration system is provided to clean the water on a regular basis. The indoor pool is tan-proofed. It also offers pool deck coatings that have waterproof finishing which can keep the area hazard-free.  The pool, which is presently running on a trial basis, is getting a good response.


I always wanted to produce swimming champions from Mysuru. Swimming is a life-saving skill and a good exercise. The swimming pool caters a great service to all swimming lovers and the speciality of the indoor pool is it is temperature-controlled.  –   Shiva Kumar, President, Global Sports Association




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