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Beautiful ooru called Mysuru!

This write up dedicated to my beautiful city Mysuru!
Whether we grow up in a small town or a hustling bustling busy city, home will always be home, and the love I have for my home town Mysuru knows no bounds and what better way to show my love than going to every corner of the city and paint them!
Before that let me tell you all that I just graduated from an engineering college (Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering). Apart from spending time with my engineering books (not at all a person who studies very much) I’ve always been someone who studies just the day before an exam. I am passionate wall painter and a doodler. Also, I’ve tried my hand in ever medium of painting. Starting from doodling in small sketch pads to a 12 feet wall I’ve tried everything, so you can say I’m an engineer to be by profession and an artist by passion!
In every semester end breaks, I dedicated my time in learning and doing something new. Illustrations are something I am doing right now and it is so much fun! Basically I am a person trying to express myself constantly through a medium, wall painting and taking it to a professional level was something I did from two years. In between all those new ventures, I had always planned a “to do” list for the next vacation and to paint all the beautiful places in Mysuru was the next on my list!
We all know what a beautiful city Mysuru is. Known as a heritage city and also known for its cleanliness and the calmest city! I did a good planning for one whole month about the first place to paint, the next and so on. I have this habit of capturing every road that looks beautiful, that has trees on either side and any such attraction and Gangotri campus road never failed to amaze me, so that was the first on my list! Ah, how I wanted to paint every corner that I had captured in my phone, so it had to be Gangotri campus first.


Yes the homework I did to start this new painting spree was a lot, every morning during the morning jog, I took pictures from every possible angle and decided the best angle to paint. I wanted to bring out something very beautiful to look at, so I made sure I was well prepared. And the continuous home works and visits to the place helped me a lot.
A small instance that I have to share with you all, after my two successful paintings from the Gangotri campus, I just didn’t want to stop there. The very next day I woke up and went running to my mother and told her that I want to go near the market place. Yes, this was one venture that was taking my sleep away. Every time I finished a painting I had to immediately start the next one! That’s how much excited I was. Market place, it is one of the busiest areas and you get a lot of content. My mother insisted that she will join, the plan went like this, to go near the market place and I’d paint, then we will have a beautiful evening walk in the busy Devaraj Us Road and also grab some yum chats on our way back.
While I painted the market place and places in and around, my mother waited there with those heavy bags and drawing boards patiently. From getting the perfect shot once I finish painting to accompanying me to places like Chamundi Hills, a lot of people have helped me! So thanks to each one of them, I couldn’t have done it without them.
When you roam around, sit and paint and explore new places, you come across a lot of people and also you get to experience a lot of beautiful things. While I was painting a location in the bust Devaraja Market , I hear a voice from the back. “Hello madam”? I turn and see a man, yeah hey? Tell me? “Similarilla” comes the reply. (Your painting isn’t similar to that) ya? What have I missed ?
See there is that pole, there to your left! Oh yes, give me a moment and I will do it, and he waits there patiently till I paint the pole! Okay na anna? (Is it okay now brother), super! Says he with a smile!

Yes there is always something to learn, every moment from everyone. And the past two months have made me realise that in practical.
And also at times, I’ve witnessed people giving me blank looks, having no idea what kind of photography is going on while I place my sketch pad in a weird angle to match the backdrop with my phone in the other hand trying to balance both the sketch pad and my phone! And also, I’ve used my phone camera to photograph every picture, no professional cameras have been used!
The main concept is to bring out a location on my sketch pad and photograph it by placing it in the same backdrop, basically to bring out the best of the location I paint. So far I’ve done around 25 of them. Starting from Gangotri campus to Mysuru palace, Chamundi Hills, Kukkarahalli lake, outer and inner view of Devaraja Market, SJCE campus, Saraswathipuram post office , KR circle and so on.
I also have a dream to publish a book full of my paintings of all these locations. Not only Mysuru, but I am also looking forward to travel a lot more and bring out the beauty of most of the cities in India.
From my recent vacation to Pondicherry, the architecture of that placed impressed me a lot, and I cannot wait to visit again and bring out the best of Pondicherry. Travelling did give me a lot of exposure, to bring out the best in me. Hopefully, I will never miss a chance to travel in my future.
The biggest challenge is when you go to places like betta and start painting. By the time you finish your painting the shade of the sky starts changing its color. There were times when I finished a painting with one shade of the sky but I had to go again the next day to get that perfect shade, because the sky would have changed its color.
But no regrets! That’s how you become a perfectionist. Isn’t it? All these beautiful experiences in the two months have given me a whole new vision about Mysuru, about a few places I’d never visited staying in Mysuru and mostly a lot of satisfaction and content.
Every painting I do has a story behind it , so many people who have directly or indirectly supported me and boosted my confidence, big thanks to all of them. I am looking forward to many more artful days.

– Karuna Thukaram



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