Belgian Malinois for Mysuru City Police dog squad

Mysuru, March 10:- Mysuru Police has received a new breed of dog, Belgian Malinois. Mysuru Police Commissioner Dr Chandragupta on Monday received the two-month old pup from B C Pramod, a kennel owner.

The market value of a Belgian Malinois pup is around Rs 1,50,000 though the Mysuru Police has got it free of cost.

Belgian Malinois is a well-known breed and the dogs are very intelligent, alert and confident. Bengaluru Police have two such dogs and Mysuru has got one now. Even the Indian Army boasts of Belgian Malinois dogs.

Originally developed in the Belgian city of Malines, Belgian Malinois are considered as one of the most intelligent dog breeds with high work ethics. In addition to guarding livestock, they are now the most preferred breeds in areas of law enforcement and military.

City Reserve Police DCP Shivaraj, Inspector Murthy, Sub-Inspector Suresh and dog trainer G Manju and others were present on the occasion. (MR)

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