BEML employees protest against privatisation

Employees of BEML, Mysuru staged a protest against the move of the central government to privatise BEML, near Kote Anjaneya temple, Mysuru on Wednesday.

BEML Employee’s Association shouted slogans against the central government and formed a human chain, pressurising the central government not to privatise the company. The Neeti Ayog had recently listed BEML, along with other 22 companies, that are likely to be privatised. The workers association informed that if the privatisation takes place there will be many reforms and changes that will be brought about. “There will be no guarantee to the employees  whether their jobs will be secure or not. The secrecy maintained by the company regarding the defence weapons of the company will be sold to other companies and thus it will put the entire country to risk. Given this scenario, central government should reconsider its moves,” they said.

BEML Employee’s Association president N K Devdas, secretary H A Nagashayana, H P Shivappa, Govinda Reddy, Chand Singh, Narayan and others were present.

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