Bendha Kaalu on Toast; depiction of transforming Bengaluru

Students of St Philomena Degree College, Mysuru, staged ‘Bendha Kaalu on Toast’ play at Bhoomigeetha of Rangayana, Kalamandir, on Tuesday evening.

In the play, King Veeraballala who goes on hunting, lost his way and wanders inside woods in hunger. Then, an old woman gives him bendhakalu (boiled gram). To commemorate this, the king builds a town named Bendhakaaluru in that place.

With passing time, due to urbanisation, the town turns out to Bengaluru.

The play depicts the life style and the reality of the city life. It showcases the existing problems in the contemporary world especially the selfishness.

The play is directed by Amith J Reddy and coordinated by Dr Basavaraj.

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