Bengaluru firm aims to send spacecraft to moon

Prime News, National, Chennai, July 22:- If the efforts by the Bengaluru based Team Indus succeeded it will become the first private firm in the world to land a spacecraft on moon that will be flown on board a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) from Sriharikota launch pad.
Sheelika Ravishankar, in-charge of the firm’s marketing on Friday that the firm has built a qualification model, the next step will be building the flight model which will be tested at ISTO for its efficiency.

Team Indus is one of the five finalists in the Google Lunar X Prize competition that seeks teams to successfully land a 90% private-funded spacecraft on the moon, travel 500m on its surface and transmit images and videos back to earth. Other teams include two from the US and one each from Israel and Japan.
A team of 100 experts with the help of some retired Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) build the 600 kilo gram spacecraft and a 6 kilogram rover. A student built cubes sat that will orbit the earth for 90 days and also carry cameras for the French space agency CNES.

Founder of the company Rahul Narayan explaining the launch operation said that once the spacecraft separated from the launch vehicle it will circle earth twice each time increasing its altitude. On board engines will then be fired to a trajectory leading to the moon.

Rahul Narayan added that from the trajectory the spacecraft will commence its five day journey covering 3.8 lakh Kilo meter from earth to the moon.About 120km from the moon, the engines will be shut and fired again to get to a lower orbit where it will remain stationary for four days. At the crack of dawn, the spacecraft will make its descent.



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