Betsurmutt rejects Mayors allegations

Mysuru, May 6:- “The statement of the Mayor M J Ravi Kumar, saying the previous commissioner of the MCC is responsible for the city slipping down to 5th place in the list of cleanest cities is far from truth and I reject to what he had said,” said the retired Commissioner of MCC, Dr C G Betsurmutt.

“During my regime in 2014-16 India Today study group announced three best awards to Mysuru. The government of India announced the city as the cleanest in the country twice. Science and environment institution of New Delhi had given clean city award to Mysuru. The government had also announced Mysuru as the first city in the country to be open defication free. But I never said I am responsible for these awards. Because all the residents of Mysuru, paurakarmikas, elected representatives, organisations, officials of the corporation and media persons have played a major part in this feat,” he said in a press release.

“Construction of toilets is not the reason to not get the award. Mysuru has already been announced as the open defication free city. Beneficiaries were identified and tender has been called. I am retired 9 months ago. What the officials have done after my retirement? Instead of thinking about that, putting the blame on former commissioner and officials is not right,” he added. – (LG)

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