Dr Bhyrappa introduced social linguistic in India even before it was heard: Shathavadhani Ganesh

Mysuru, January 20:- “Even before the term social linguistic was heard in India, Dr S L Bhyrappa used it in his novels, not as a theology, but as an art,” said Shathavadhani Dr R Ganesh.

He was speaking at ‘Bhyrappa Sahityothsava’ held at Kalamandir here on Saturday and Sunday.

“The novels of Dr Bhyrappa show how social values fight with each other. It shows the value conflict. Dr Bhyrappa has rich experience of life. The body of his novels is Indian and soul is of experiences. A talent of  Bhyrappa can come once in a century. He is the pride of Kannada language and we are privileged to have him,” he said.

“His novel ‘Tantu’ explains the social disturbances of India and that’s why it is rightly called as modern Mahabharata. Taking anything that is not ours is a theft. We have both good and bad in us. Dr Bhyrappa evaluates those good and bad. We can speak about the books of Dr Bhyrappa from any angle because it gives connectivity from all the angles,” he added.

Jnanapeetha awardee Dr Chandrashekar Kambara, Dr S L Bhyrappa, writer Shefali Vaidya, director P Sheshadri, retired principal of St Philomena’s College (Autonomous) and humorist Prof M Krishnegowda and others were present. (MR/GK)

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