Big Movie – 1944 Review

RATING: 2.0/5

CAST: Naveen Krishna, Shruthi, Suchendra Prasad, Bhavya, Shivani

DIRECTION: S Badrinath

GENRE: History


S Badrinath’s film is the adaptation of the play Rotti Runa by NS Rao, which is set in the year 1944. Apart from throwing a little light on the milieu then, it also touches upon human emotions like gratitude. The film is well under two hours in duration.

The film boasts of good performers like Naveen Krishna, Shruthi, Bhavya and Suchendra Prasad. Given them at the disposal, the filmmaker could have created a film that could have been hard-hitting and memorable. Sadly, the filmmaker seems to have made a shoddy effort with camera work, jagged editing and unconvincing locations. The casting, apart from the leads, looks amateurish too.

It is the lead actors who take the film through till the end. If you’re a fan of Shruthi and Bhavya and their good old sob story roles, then this could work for you. While the film has noble intentions, the translation doesn’t come through as well, reminding the viewers of the Doordarshan style docu-dramas of the decades gone by.

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