Big Movie – 7 Hours To Go Review

RATING: 2.5/5

CAST: Shiv Pandit, Sandeepa Dhar, Varun Badola, Natasa Stankovic

DIRECTION:  Saurabh Varma

GENRE: Thriller

MUSIC: Sugat – Shubham

Saurabh Varma’s inept film can be best laummed in Varun Badola’s dialogue that translates to – “Make such an outrageous plan that even in 50 years, no one can believe that we pulled off something like this.” Well, that rings true for the movie as well. 7 Hours To Go is mind numbing. What was touted to be taut thriller, ends up as a damp squib. It probably had a promising idea on paper but loses the grit in tran­sition. The screenplay moves at snail’s pace and is completely devoid of tension. A horde of char­acters crowd the screen without adding much to the plot. Be it the lame mimic artiste who doubles up as a shooter or the hyperventilating television journalist whose moment of glory is watching a female cop changing her shirt, the subplots have no real meat.

In the first hour, the film leaves you exasperat­ed with its convoluted narrative. Post interval, the tempo picks up when the story starts to look less gibberish. But Arjun’s sketchy game plan turns out to be an absolute slog. What better do you expect from an overwrought story?

Despite being the prime character, Shiv Pandit has only a handful of dialogues. He is adequate but the story doesn’t let him push beyond. Sand­eepa Dhar as the hysterical shrieking bombshell of a cop looks good but over the top rendition doesn’t speak highly of her acting skills. Varun Badola is probably the best thing about this film as he slips into the role of a quirky cop with flair, pushing beyond what the script had for him.

7 Hours To Go is gimmicky, lacking both the smarts and the menace of a thriller. Miss it…

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