Big Movie: Akshathe Review

CAST: Karthik Shetty, Mythriya Gowda, Raj Suryan, Vinaya Prasad, Chitra Shenoy, Jayalakshmi, Avinash

DIRECTION: Raju Devasandra

GENRE: Drama


MUSIC: V Manohar


An strict, honest District Commissioner, with a moving success story, is all set to get married to the woman his mother has chosen. A day before the big day, he goes missing and everyone is worried. What happened?


Raju Devasandra has chosen a tale that tries to expose the dark side to politics and goons. While the intentions are noble, he falls prey to the entrapments of commercial cinema, with a tad too many songs and unwanted comic sequences.
Had the maker decided to keep this story to just showing the power nexus that control the executive, judiciary and legislature, this would have worked well given how the current crop of Kannada film audience are lapping up the new and experimental.
Instead, there is excess of emotions, a rather jerky love track, an unnecessary special song and some fights that don’t quite make the mark. Added to this, the music isn’t something to write home about and the film is shoddy at times in terms of technicality. The camera-work is inconsistent and the editing and screenplay is too mixed up and jarring.
Watch this if you’re in a mood for a formulaic entertainer that seems to have the 80s hangover while still aiming to talk to Gen Now.

RATING: 1.5/5

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