Big Movie – Bhujanga Review

RATING: 2.0/5

CAST: Prajwal Devaraj, Meghana Raj, Santhosh Aryavardhan, Bullet Prakash, Sadhu Kokila


GENRE: Drama

MUSIC: Poornachandra Tejaswi


Bhujanga is a small-time thief who steals homes to fend his family as well as those of his close friends. During one of his theft missions, he chances upon young Rachana, a college student, who he falls in love instantly. Can they unite?
Director Jeeva’s Bhujanga seems at least a decade too late given its storyline and treatment. The film aims to be a love story of a poor boy and rich girl, but the story ensures it falls prey to most tropes of the masala entertainers – an extend comic track, an item number and some larger-than-life fight sequences.
The film begins with the introduction of a no-nonsense encounter specialist and soon jumps to the life of a small-time thief Bhujanga and his different misadventures. Soon thereafter, Bhujanga falls in love with a rich girl and there are duets and some romantic sequences to woo the young audience. The encounter specialist and Bhujanga now end up crossing paths and not for the better.
Prajwal Devaraj , whose has his 25th box office outing with this film, gives the film his all and stands tall, despite the script failing him. Meghana Raj gets to play the typical cutesy college girl and does a good job. While the lead pair stands out and have good chemistry, the director fails them with a shoddy love story. One is only left wondering how it a wasted opportunity and if only their chemistry was utilized better.

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