Big Movie – Chuttalabbayi Review

RATING: 1.5/5

CAST: Aadi, Sai Kumar, Namitha Pramod, Abhimanyu Singh

DIRECTION: Veerabhadram Chowdary

GENRE: Family

MUSIC: S S Thaman


The answer to the question “Where will all this lead to?” is “Nowhere”. You keep waiting and waiting and waiting for the plot to thicken, but every time it seems like it will, the story gets distracted by random comic tracks, casual sexism and fart jokes. There is so much going on in the movie at any given point that by the end of it all, you just don’t care anymore. The movie is touted as an action-romance-comedy, but the entire movie is just an avalanche of build up to an underwhelming product of each of these elements.

Aadi tried his hand at doing comedy which he more or less failed at. It could be blamed at weak direction, though. His over dramatic expressions did nothing to add to the already lacking movie. But points for effort – albeit wasted. Watching Sai Kumar on the screen was a delight but we would’ve enjoyed watching him act, even more. The character Dora Babu despite all the hype had nothing to look forward to. Meanwhile, Namitha Pramod stole the show with her acting prowess. Although the flamboyant movie did not allow her to act naturally, she certainly was convincing in the role.

The role of Kavya itself was a disappointment. Just when you notice that despite all the commercial film elements urging her not to, she’s standing strong on what she believes in – not getting married. But then she waits for that one pre-climax fight Aadi pulls off for her to realise that she loves him. Mind you he’s already fought goons four times before. It’s as if the writers just threw in the towel because, “Why waste time on writing the heroine’s role?” Speaking of which, there’s another heroine in the movie whose sole job in the movie is to squeal with delight on the sight of her bava, throw herself at him and make faces. Don’t hate on the faces – she’s compensating the lack of dialogues.

There isn’t anything about the music that you’ll remember. So let’s not go there. There are too many comedy tracks going on to talk about any in particular. To sum it up though, comedy was extremely unfunny. Chuttalabbayi is a cringe-fest with neither a particular plotline, nor a shred of screenplay. There is nothing memorable about the movie except for how frustrated it would makes you.

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