Big Movie – Deal Raja Review

RATING: 3.0/5

CAST: Komal, Bhanushri, Suman Ranganathan, Avinash, Sadhu Kokila, Jai Jagadish, Bullet Prakash, Tabla Nani, Mithra, Kuri Prathap


GENRE: Comedy

MUSIC: Abhimann Roy


Raja is a conman for whom no job is impossible. When he is entrusted with the job of finding Antony, the sole witness who can help a team of fraudsters amass a fortune, he ends up finding love, conscience and more in the adventures.
When one goes in for a Komal film, one automatically knows what to expect – a big comic ensemble, raunchy romantic numbers and loads of double entendre laden dialogues. Deal Raja ensures each of these criteria is met, albeit the film is a tad longer than the releases in recent times.

This film unfurls with Avinash, a spiritual guru styled like many popular ones seen around, asking his aide, a minister, to buy a land that has been lying unused for years. Raja, played by Komal, is entrusted with the responsibility of finding the original documents. Here begins a story that has many interesting twists and turns.

This film has a character that is apt for Komal, which he does full justice to – though his gravity defying fights can cause disbelief. The film also has an interesting set of baddies and Suman Ranganathan, especially, in her no-makeup bad cop role excels.

This film is meant for those who love their dose of double entendre and mindless comedy, though be ready for a few long, unnecessary scenes through the entertaining plot.


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