Big Movie – Happy Birthday Review

RATING: 3.0/5

CAST: Sachin, Samskruthy Shenoy, Achyut Kumar, Ravi Kale, Chikkanna, Srinagara Kitty, Ambareesh

DIRECTION: K Mahesh Sukhadhare

GENRE: Drama

MUSIC: V Harikrishna


Sachin is a happy-go-lucky boy living in Mandya. He falls in love with Anjali, who is a dedicated daughter to an alcoholic father. Can Sachin help Anjali and her father regain their lost pride?

When there is a big ticket launchpad, one looks for a commercial entertainer, filled with all the staple fare that the masses like. Happy Birthday, the launch of politician Cheluvaraya Swamy’s son Sachin, too has the necessary elements, only in surplus doses. The film, which clocks two and a half hours, is replete with many songs, fight sequences, comedy tracks and romance, of course. And he has K Mahesh Sukhadhare, who has made many such masala potboilers, at the helm of the affairs.

The story begins with the hero meeting Srinagara Kitty, a scorned lover who wants to kill the woman who dumped him. He agrees to drop Kitty to his destination and narrates his love story enroute. This tale is set in Mandya, and shows the town beautifully. The ample use of the local dialect, even in the songs, and the portrayal of the local culture, albeit in fragments, along with the backdrop of traditional stick fighting makes this film watchable.

What ruins the film, though, is the unnecessary comic track that is seen as a must have. The comedy is lame and cringe-worthy and the film might would have seemed less longer had they been trimmed. Also, the reiteration of the use of Happy Birthday in the local slang seems forced after a point.

One of the highlights of the film is the Hogume song, which lingers on even after you’ve left the cinema hall. This film will work for audience that love their masala fare, replete with action, unpalatable comedy, romance and a fair share of melodrama too.

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