Big Movie – Jakkanna Review

RATING: 2.5/5

CAST: Sunil, Mannara Chopra, Kabir Duhan Singh

DIRECTION: Vamsi Krishna Akella

GENRE: Action Comedy


MUSIC: Dinesh Kanagaratnam

Jakkanna’s story line is quite uncomplicated and engaging, but somehow the writers decided to complicate it beyond necessity. You’ll find yourself wondering what the hell is going on often in the movie. But ignore that little voice in your head that insists on using your brain, and you will certainly enjoy this movie.
The tagline of the movie is ‘Back to Entertain’, and Sunil’s acting sure does bring to mind his glory days as a comedian. Except, that kind of an act only works in small doses – in separate comedy tracks. Although he carried the subtlety in his expressions quite well in the emotional and action scenes, his theatrics get annoying after a point.
Meanwhile, the movie like any other entertainer does have its own comedy track. Sapthagiri, who plays a rather stereotyped martial arts teacher, dishes out bland jokes. Pruthvi’s act as Kattappa, the CI, does tickle your funny bone in parts. His unmistakable imitation of Balayya is bang-on.
Let’s talk about Mannara Chopra’s big debut. Her role as Sahasra is the epitome of ‘basic Tollywood female lead’ – she has one quirky obsession through the first half, hates the hero, but falls for her after he helps her out in a situation. The second half is dedicated to her appearances when it’s time for a song. Well, she did do that just fine, though. But what caught my eye was her moves. In the one song that she danced, You My Darlingo, she almost outshone Sunil, and that’s definitely a feat.
Music would’ve been a hit, if it was associated with the mass hysteria of a star hero. All parameters aside, Dinesh’s music was pleasant on the ears. BGM however, was the hero of the movie. Jakkanna was surely a technically well-executed movie.
All in all, if you can forget logic for a couple of hours and just let the film humour you, Jakkana can keep you entertained.

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