Big Movie – Lifu Super Review

RATING: 2.5/5

CAST: Likhit Surya, Niranth, Anu Poovamma, Meghana Appaiah, Rangayana Raghu, Achyuth Kumar

DIRECTION: Vinod Kumar R

GENRE: Thriller


Two youngsters, a journalist and a struggling actor, dream of making it big, but don’t have luck on their side. But, things seem to look hopeful when the former hears about a convoy carrying Rs 50 crore worth of black money for funding a local politician. Can they take this and make their ‘lifu super’.

The trailer of this film showed a lot of promise and this film garnered a lot of curiosity,especially on social media. The trailer showed that this thriller was a heist film and the slick way in which it was cut added to the expectations. The final product is interesting, but the amateur treatment at times and the unwanted love tracks and extended first half tend to take away the patience of the viewers before the better part of the film begins.

The heist and the planning sequences themselves are exciting. But the build up to this part is too long and tedious, with some rather predictable comedy jokes and scenes. The second half and the climax salvage this.

The other impediment this narrative faces is the use of romance and songs, considering that the heroines remain just mere props who appear in the first half and then magically disappear through the rest of the story.

Achyut Kumar shines in a role that is entertaining and one wishes there was more to it, like how the trailers promised. The two lead actors do a decent job. This film is worth an outing for those who don't mind trying out something new, as there is some clever writing.

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