Big Movie – Madamakki Review

RATING: 2.5/5

CAST: Sai Kumar, Tanush, Nikitha Narayana, Deepika Kamaiah, Tara

DIRECTION: Vinay Preetham

GENRE: Thriller

MUSIC: Anoop Seelin


Yet another director makes his debut with this new release. The best thing about Madamakki is its attempt to showcase something new, through a decades-old subject — a gangster and a cop hunting him down! Apart from the glitches due to inexperience, the best part of the film is that it ends quickly — in less than two hours!

With barely any scope left to explore when it comes to underworld subjects, this film too starts with a disturbed childhood, where the protagonist runs away from home, and finds solace under a gangster in Mumbai.

Everything is fine until the boss is gunned down and the hero decides to shift to Dubai (yes, it’s cliched all the way!) However, his desire to meet his mother before leaving to Dubai is what Madamakki is all about.

By then, the audience has already been introduced to Sai Kumar who portrays the tough cop (Shivashankar) assigned to hunt down anti-social elements. With Shivashankar on his tail, after killing their boss, the chase gets interesting with certain twists and turns with flashbacks to keep the interest going.

The first-half concludes with the journey from Mumbai to Madamakki. Even as the audience starts wondering about that inevitable love plot attached to this chase, the director doesn’t disappoint as the heroine meets her hero in between the journey to Madamakki.

But, this cupid meet-up is done on the backdrop of a fight sequence, where the love birds sing and dance until the chase starts again! Strange! And then there are more twists to this love story. As the chase gets tougher, the protagonist and the gang find themselves deep inside a jungle.

A couple of fight sequences are ok. With the climax fast approaching, the film gathers pace and the Madamakki too starts making some sense.An honest effort which could have been better. Watch the chase, if nothing else.

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