Big Movie – Nayaki Review

RATING: 1.5/5

CAST: Trisha Krishnan, Ganesh Venkaram, Satyam Rajesh

DIRECTION: Govi Goverdhan

GENRE: Horror

MUSIC: Raghu Kunche, Sai Karthik


The movie opens with a story about people going missing in the Dundigal area on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Trisha who lives in the haunted house there, dresses up every Friday and kills men. You will find out why much later in the movie. While the start itself does pique a little curiosity, the more you wait for the reason for these happenings, the more vexed you get.

Nayaki doesn’t have much to show for itself. The dialogues were weak and ineffective, and even when the actors tried to deliver them the best they could, the lines still fell flat. You will find Brahmanandam in the titles but not in the movie, until the very end… that too pretty unnecessarily. The producers could’ve saved a lot of money if they hadn’t casted him; having him didn’t do much anyway. Music isn’t anything that will stay with you. However, the background music in parts reminds you unmistakably of the Harry Potter theme music.

Just when you thought you’ve seen the last of the genre, ‘horror comedy’, yet another movie hits the screens to test your patience. The story is probably worth just half an hour the rest of the movie is just padding of slapstick comedy that isn’t remotely funny. While the comedy scenes were cringeworthy enough, the horror parts themselves just make you want to leave. One intense climax sequence however will certainly make you laugh. Just FYI, It wasn’t meant to be comedy.

For a movie that is barely 2 hours long, Nayaki feels like it lasted a lifetime. Well, it’s probably because, you’re neither entertained, engaged nor intrigued. Just bored.

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