Big Movie – Neer Dose Review

RATING: 3.0/5

CAST: Jaggesh, Dattatreya HG, Hariprriya, Suman Ranganathan

DIRECTION: Vijayaprasad

GENRE: Comedy

MUSIC: J Anoop Seelin


The lives of four individuals who are unlikely to befriend each other, a retired PWD officer, a BBMP hearse van driver, a 36-year-old spinster running a milk booth and a sex worker, cross and end up being more than just friends. Together, the find meanings to their lives. 

Director Vijayaprasad of Silli Lalli fame made a good film debut with the critically acclaimed Sidlingu. His second film, Neer Dose, released with great expectations, with controversies galore making it notorious and a trailer filled with double entendres that was a hit with the masses. 

The final film albeit comes with a good message, but seems like an extended stand-up comedy show that is loaded only with jokes filled with sexual innuendos. There is a slice-of-life tale, but it seems like just a mild tempering for the neer dose being served. 

The film’s title cards are filled with cheeky jokes that are bound to draw a whistle and two from the ‘Gandhi Class’ audience. But, by the time the title sequence ends, one seems to have had more than a fair share of these loaded jokes, but they carry forth through the entire film. While the filmmaker tries to be noble and even celebrates women by having characters like an unwed spinster in her mid-30s and a sex worker (both traditionally considered undesirable by purists) the narrative and their portrayal is often regressive and sexist. 

One might tend to argue that a satire replete with sexual jokes is supposed to be taken with a pinch of salt, but this neer dose seems to have been dipped in saline water. Had the maker toned down the jokes and spaced them out giving more scope of the narrative to be understood by itself, the film might have worked for both the sexes alike. There are also many repeated scenes, even though they might seem important for the film’s narrative style, but they can take one’s attention away from the story. 

What salvages the film is the performance by the ensemble cast. Each of the four characters does his or her best. Jaggesh is in top form and he doesn’t disappoint his fans. Dattatreya’s raunchy old bachelor act is delightful. Suman Ranganathan shines in an atypical deglam role, while Hariprriya is earnest as the sexy, bold sex worker. 

The film’s other two heroes are cinematographer Sugnan and music director J Anoop Seelin. The background score haunts you. This film is meant for those who like their conversations with a fair share of innuendo and the typical regressive fare when it comes to portraying women. The film has many food references, starting from the title itself, but be warned that these are masked with many sexual references, so you need a stomach that’s strong enough to digest those.

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