Big Movie – Run Antony Review

RATING: 2.5/5

CAST: Vinay Rajkumar, Rukhsar Mir, Sushmitha Joshi, Devaraj, Bullet Prakash, HG Dattatreya, KS Sridhar

DIRECTION: Raghu Shastry

GENRE: Thriller

MUSIC: Manikanth Kadri


Antony, an IT professional, is depressed and wants to commit suicide. At this juncture, he meets Yashu , a young, cherubic girl who makes him see the positive in life. Just when he thought his life could see a ‘happily ever after’, there’s an unexpected shock that explodes in front of his eyes. He has to run to save himself and find the truth. 

On paper or in a narration session, debutant director Raghu Shastry has a story that seems potentially a winner. Unfortunately, a lot is lost in translation on screen. This film could have really created a difference in Sandalwood, given it comes from one of the most respected banners. But, it falls short as the filmmaker has fallen prey to the unnecessary trappings of commercial cinema, like badly placed duets and some exaggerated heroism, that take away the essence of the film being a thriller.

The narrative is rather slow in the first half, which showcases Antony’s depressed state of mind and then his falling in love with Yashu. This could make one shift restlessly in the seat, but it can be forgiven as the interval break promises the thriller that the trailer and title suggested. And the second half begins on a pacy note too, only to fall back to its sluggish pace. The film seems to pick up pace with there are portions of Devaraj, but the excessive stylizing of the scenes involving Antony on the run distance them from the tense feelings they need to create.

But, the film has a few good moments too. The cinematography by Manohar Joshi and Karm Chawla make it a visual treat. The background score is innovative and can match international standards. For example, there is the use of string instruments instead of the loud synthesized noises for the first fight sequence. The jazz number used while revealing Antony’s flashback is laudable too. With so much of good things going technically, one would have wished that the team could have concentrated a little on strengthening the pace of the narrative to ensure it remained thrilling throughout. The songs in the film are all good and praiseworthy, but they are big impediments that don’t work with the already sluggish narrative. Vinay Rajkumar shows more promise as compared to his debut. Rukhsar Mir excels in her role. Devaraj is his usual dynamic self in his scenes.

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