Big Movie – Simpallag Innond Love Story Review



CAST: Praveen, Meghana Gaonkar, Vijeth, Master Hemanth and Padmaja Rao


MUSIC: B J Bharath

After Simpallag Ond Love Story and Bahuparaak, director Suni takes on a simple romantic story with a lively narration and rib-tickling dialogues. In other words, the story can be described as a journey of love as the romance blooms in a car stolen by the hero. With lively dialogues by Suni himself, it’s a pleasant romantic movie that touches the heart of the youth.

The entire story is focussed on three people – Kush (Praveen), Khushi (Meghana Gaonkar) and Push (Vijeth). The story begins with Kush meeting with an accident, where the car stolen by him hits Khushi, who was on her way to her native place, Karwar. 

There is a moment when Push seeks the help of Khush to marry Khushi. Khush is shocked. Does he help him to marry her? A lively climax reveals all.

Full marks to Praveen for his effervescent performance. Meghana Gaonkar impresses you with her beauty and expressions. Camera work by Darshan Kanaka is simply superb. B J Bharath has given some excellent numbers with humming tunes. All in all, it’s a movie for the younger generation.


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