Biggest joke

US urges India to rein in “intolerance,” media reports. This is nothing but a big joke! Instead of advising India, US should ensure protection to its black population.  It was not too long ago where some black youths were shot and killed by the federal police for trivial reasons. Such instances are not rare and taking place in several states of US. In American vocabulary, if this is not intolerance, then, what else? The world’s oldest democracy’s population is less than one third of India’s yet, they have too many problems concerning race, colour etc, which normally ends in killing. India with its huge population, diversity in languages, cultures, customs, traditions etc; has differences no doubt, this is  nothing but an aberration of democracy and of a free Society. There is no need for US to show its concern. Let them keep their house in order first before preaching others.

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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