Bill to allow holding of Kambala tabled in Assembly

The much demanded Kambala and bull race or bullock cart race bill was finally introduced in the Legislative Assembly on Friday.

The Bill, piloted by Animal Husbandry Minister A Manju, was brought in at a time when the demand to allow Kambala had been raised after massive movement for Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu.

The Bill amends the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Karnataka Amendment) Bill, 2017. According to the bill, “The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (Central Act 59 of 1960) was enacted to prevent the infliction of unnecessary cruelty and suffering on animals. The Act also recognises the need to exempt the application of its provisions in certain circumstances.”

The bill also explained that, considering the significant role played by the traditional sports such as Kambala or bull race or bullock cart race in preserving and promoting tradition and culture among the people of Karnataka and also keeping in mind the vital role of Kambala and bull race in ensuring survival and continuance of native breeds of cattle, the government has decided to exempt the conduct of Kambala and bull race and bullock cart race in the state.

The Bill said no unnecessary pain or suffering should be caused to animals, by the person in charge of that animal used to conduct Kambala and bull race.


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