Bird flu: Hotel Owners’ Association cautions non-veg hotels

Mysuru, March 19:- With the increase in cases of bird flu in the heritage city, the Hotel Owners’ Association has instructed non-vegetarian hotels to be cautious.

The association has requested the hotels to temporarily stop preparing sweets and cold cakes and maintain cleanliness at bakeries, fast food centres, tiffin centres and juice centres. They have also instructed them to use mineral water to prepare pani-puri. They have also instructed the restaurant owners not to run air conditioners.

Selling of chicken meat has been completely stopped in Mysuru in the wake of bird flu. Non-veg hotels are instructed to clean up mutton and fish properly before cooking. They have also been asked to stop preparing preservable sweets and milk-made sweets till the coronavirus scare gets over.

They have been instructed not to serve extreme cold juice items to customers. President of the association, Narayana Gowda has asked all food joints to maintain cleanliness. (MR/KS)


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