BJP Chief Yeddyurappa attacks CM Siddaramaiah over Badami seat

Political News, State, (Bengaluru), April 27:-Taking a pot-shot at his rival in the upcoming Karnataka Assembly elections, Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa on Thursday said that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah chose two seats to contest from, out of fear of losing.

Yeddyurappa further said that “There is no safe seat for CM Siddaramaiah in Karnataka. He knows he is going to lose in Chamundeshwari, that is why he chose Badami. But, he is going to lose from Badami miserably. I’m 100 percent sure.

The former chief minister and BJP Chief Minister contender from BJP said that Siddaramaiah government’s corruption, farmers’ distress, and poor law and order would bring the Congress party down, and make way for a BJP government in 2018.

“People of Karnataka have decided that under Siddaramaiah government, they have seen a lot of corruption. The development is in a stand still. In almost all areas, he has cheated the people of Karnataka. People are fed up and they want change,” he said.

Yeddyurappa added that the BJP would come out with the election manifesto within two to three days and the farmer’s welfare would be a major part of it. He added that the focus would remain on the overall development of the state.

Although the pre-poll surveys do not predict a clear majority for any party, Yeddyurappa confidently said that Karnataka would see results similar to that of Uttar Pradesh where the BJP won with a thumping majority.

Yeddyurappa also expressed confidence in the aggressive campaign carried out by BJP President Amit Shah in the state as well as the impact of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “The entire country knows the impact of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi ji’s tour, Amit Shah’s tour will leave a great impact on the entire state. It will prove helpful in getting majority in Karnataka.”

Yeddyurappa also dismissed the possibility of the Lingayat votes going in favour of Congress, even as the Siddaramaiah government declared religious minority status to the Lingayat community.

“Nobody is discussing about Lingayat issue at all. Two months back, he wanted to create some confusion among the Lingayats and the Veerashaivas. They created this issue for only one reason, so that I don’t become Chief Minister. People are very much aware now, this issue will backfire for Sidaramaiah and Congress.” Yeddyurappa opined.

Karnataka will go to polls on May 12 to elect representatives to the 224-member state assembly. The results will be out on May 15.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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