BJP leader lands in jail after kidnapping senior citizen

Alanahalli Puttaswamy, popular BJP leader of Mysuru and his friend Kishore were arrested for kidnapping an elderly person in Mysuru on Monday.

Both the accused had allegedly kidnapped Gurusiddappa, a resident of Agrahara in order to grab his properties. Gurusiddappa is an owner of a complex worth Rs 1.5 crore, situated opposite Ganapathi temple, Agrahara. Puttaswamy and Kishore are said to have kidnapped Gurusidappa from Baby Aysha Hospital on Sunday noon and later dropped him off at Jaganmohan palace before making him sign on 5 blank documents.

Upon receiving the complaint, NR police wasted no time in arresting Puttaswamy  and his friend. The police team was headed by Inspector Shabbeer Hussain. The arrested have been sent to judicial custody.

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