BJP leader’s birthday: It is raining posters in Mysuru!

On Friday, people were left wondering if the heritage city had turned into a poster city overnight.  The cleanest tag that the city won twice seems to be taking a beating. Our politicians have made it a habit to celebrate their birthday in a big way. One feels this is the only they can reach out to people. Today happens to be BJP leader Lakshman Kumar’s birthday. Overnight, posters, wishing Lakshman a happy birthday mushroomed all over the city.

On the one hand, BJP is organising cleanliness drive in the country and on the other,  its own leaders flout the rules for reasons better known to them. Walls, police squares, MCC sign boards in ward number 21 and 22 are taking the brunt. The posters have made it impossible to see the sign boards.

Angered people are asking whether this kind of a show was needed? Poor Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) workers were busy removing the posters.  MLA M K Somashekhar, who is taking part in the Belagavi session, has complained to the MCC through his personal assistant, Revanna.

Be it a political leader or a commoner, no one is an exception. It is our foremost duty to keep our cities clean.

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