BJP playing Hindutva mantra for the sake of votes: Siddaramaiah

Prime News, National, Karnataka, Religion, Politics, Mysuru/Bengaluru, September 15:- Bharatiya Janata Party is directly responsible for the demolition of temples in Karnataka. They are only trying to fool people by using the ‘Ram Mandir’ mantra, said senior Congress leader and former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah here on Wednesday (September 15).

He said, “Without the knowledge of the state government, the Chief Secretary can’t issue orders on temple demolition. The Deputy Commissioner and Tahsildars are only following the orders issued to them by the concerned authorities. In view of the public outcry, the state government seems to have woken up and issued orders against the demolition of temples. Nothing can be done without the knowledge of the state government.”

Siddaramaiah said, “the BJP Mysuru-Kodagu Member of Parliament Pratap Simha is talking now after the damage has been done. He should have stopped the demolition drive by bringing it to the attention of the government.”

The Congress leader said, “The temples in question could have been translocated or demolished after consulting the concerned people. What has happened has been done in haste. BJP’s Hindutva talk is only for the sake of votes. There is nothing new about the Supreme Court order which is quite old. What was the BJP government doing all these days? They are talking of discussing the issue in the Assembly and it is nothing but their carelessness. We don’t use religion and gods for the sake of votes.”

He concluded, “We will not force anyone to join our party. If he or she accepts our party’s philosophy, they are welcome.” (MR/KS)

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