BJP SC Morcha opposes celebration of ‘Mahisha Dasara’

Mysuru, September 29:- Every year, around this time, the demon god Mahishasura becomes the hot topic of discussion. While one section is hell-bent on celebrating ‘Mahisha Dasara,’ the other group is dead against it. Expectedly, the problem refuses to die.

At a press conference held at Mysuru Press Club here on Tuesday (September 29), the office-bearers of Bharatiya Janata Party SC Morcha lashed out at all those who want to celebrate Mahisha Dasara. They said, “Dasara is a symbol of our tradition and culture. Glorifying Mahishasura will send a wrong signal to the world. We outrightly condemn any such move.”

Speaking on the occasion, Morcha general secretary V Somasundar opined, “Traditionally, we worship Goddess Chamundeshwari, who is a symbol of Shakti and we don’t encourage people worshipping Mahisha and Ravana who are synonyms of violence. This is what Hindu Dharma advocates. Why should people try to drag the Dalit community into the controversy? You go to any Dalit area in the city, you can see the photo of Goddess Chamundeshwari in every house. Some people are trying to project that the entire Dalit community is against Dasara and how right it is?”

He continued, “Prof Mahesh Chandra Guru’s version of Mahisha as god is a laughing stock. Having worked as a lecturer for over 30 years, he doesn’t have the basic knowledge of what is right. It is below his status to glorify Mahisha.”

Somasundar added, “There is no proof of Maisha kingdom and there is no mention in any of the books as claimed by some people. Based on some imaginary books, Prof Bhagwan and Prof Mahesh Chandra Guru are trying to prove they are right. Two wrong pieces of information can’t become truth. If they continue to issue absurd statements, we will be forced to protest.”

SC Morcha general secretary M Narasimha Murthy, State Yuva Morcha vice-president Dheeraj Prasad, Narasimha Murthy and Jayaram were present.  (MR/KS)

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