BJP to Siddu: Protect the interests of the state

“Pass an ordinance to reject the Supreme Court’s verdict over Cauvery River and save Karnataka and farmers. Whether the wellbeing of the state is important to you or power? If you don’t serve justice to farmers, BJP will organise ‘Save Karnataka’s wellbeing, or resign’ campaign against the government,” said President of state Raitha Morcha and BJP leader Vijaya Shankar.

He was speaking to the media regarding the Cauvery verdict.

“It is the duty of the government to stand with the people during the difficult times. Orders of the court that can harm the state should be rejected and should find the possible defenses in the law. Cauvery water release to Tamil Nadu should be stopped immediately. If not, BJP will protest by locking the DC offices in all the districts of the state,” he said.

“Cauvery river basin has received 30% less rainfall this monsoon. Water was not supplied for the crops grown by the farmers of Karnataka due to shortage of water. Still the state government agreed to release water to Tamil Nadu. Due to this negligent move, people of Mysuru and Bengaluru will face shortage of drinking water by January,” he said.

“Government should release the policy money for the loss of crops. Enough electricity should be supplied to the pump sets of the farmers. Employments should be generated in order to face the draught. Seeds and fertilizers should be supplied free of cost to the farmers and should supply water at least for the crops to overcome the draught situation,” he added.

BJP leaders B H Manjunath, Mallappa Gowda, Mangala Somashekhar, Rajiv and farmer leader Ramesh were present.

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