Bleak future

As we are aware the KSOU has committed several irregularities in conducting the courses from 2012-13 and after several students brought out the facts the whole thing has come to light to the public and also the UGC. Lakhs of students including me  who have taken up the courses from 2012 and passed so far are suffering in the wake of UGC’s non-affiliation of the courses and thereby losing their opportunities for jobs and further studies. Even the prisoners in jail who have come out recently, and who have taken up these courses and passed also do not have any future. The UGC who audited the status of the KSOU have merely pointed out the irregularities and the reasons for rejecting the affiliation but have not come out with ways and means to regularise the position to enble them to permit affiliation from 2012-13 in the interest of several lakhs of students who are eagerly waiting to take the degree certificates  and apply for eligible jobs before they attain overaged.  This needs to be urgently attended to. The government of Karnataka should also follow up and speed up the process and help the poor students by getting UGC’s affiliation without any further delay.

KV Ramanath, Mysuru

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