Blind dog gets eye transplant

In an avant-garde surgery, Dr Madan, veterinary doctor hailing from Mysuru, has successfully transplanted an eye from a dead dog to a blind dog. Though the surgery still requires two months to be declared a complete success officially, the surgery has sparked off a ray of joy among all the pet-lovers in the city.

It all began when Pluto, a 11-month-old pup, owned by Ishwar Rao and his son Raghavendra of Srirampura began losing its sight in the right eye, eight months ago. Raghavendra was heartbroken and even after consulting many doctors, the result was negative. That is when Raghavendra came in contact with Dr Madan of Kuvempunagar, who in turn devised the idea of transplanting an eye from another dog to Pluto.

Ragavendra and Dr Madan sought help from Jayakrishna, Police Sub Inspector and an avid pet lover, who agreed to donate the eye of his 15-year-old dog which died of old age. The eye was transplanted within half an hour of the dog’s death.

According to Dr Madan, Pluto requires another two months of monitoring and another surgery. Pet lovers from all over the city have praised the efforts of the doctor.

If Dr Madan’s efforts prove to be successful, it should go a long way in helping other pets with some issues.

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