Bombe Mane inauguration on September 1

Mysuru, August 29:- The 13th edition of Bombe Mane will be inaugurated on September 1 at 12 noon by Dr Padma Shekhar, Vice Chancellor, Karnataka Samskruta University at Pratima Gallery, above Aamrapali Sarees Store, on Nazarbad Main Road in the city.

Bombe Mane which has a tradition of special display showcasing the various cultural aspects of the heritage city continues the tradition with four unique dioramas, celebrating various aspects of the culture.

The 1000th anniversary of Saint Ramanuja, 250th birth anniversary of Saint Thyagaraja, 125th anniversary of the institution of Order of Gandaberunda, 125th anniversary of the beginning of Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav and 50thanniversary of first Jnanpith Award to Kannada – these are the themes for these special display sections.

Page 6 lead photo 1 Aug 31bombe mane-2Bombe Mane’s special display will be inaugurated by Prof Srinivasa Varakhedi, director, Academy of Samskruta Research, Melukote and S Kumara, registrar (administration), Academy of Samskruta Research, Melukote. More than 10,000 colourful dolls will be on display and for sale celebrating the vivid, extraordinary diversity of the people of this land, their folk ways and more, all of which are bewilderingly mind-boggling, even as this multitudinous sea of people’ lives are orchestrated by the dozens of gods and goddesses as a part of their Leela.

Bombe Mane will be held throughout the year at the same venue. Dolls will also be on display at Handicrafts Sales Emporium, Ramsons House, opposite Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens in the city.

About the Doll Festival

Similar to story-telling, Doll Festival is an entertaining and fun way of imparting knowledge to children. During the 10 days of Doll Festival (Bombe Habba), children can actually see their favourite characters from mythology like Ganesha, Arjuna, Radha, Krishna, etc., come tangibly alive in the form of dolls. The rich imaginative stories and their characters have been moulded in clay, applied with vibrant hues and they seem as if they are frozen in time.

There are not only the dolls of mythological characters, but also the dolls of lay-man and lay-women, animals, birds, trees, houses, etc. The rural setting can be easily created using dolls in various farmland chores like tilling, sowing, planting, harvesting, winnowing, etc., while local market can be set up using dolls selling vegetables, flowers, fruits; either seated or on the move. An entire park or garden, forest, hill, menagerie can also be created using these dolls. A huge collection of doll accessories, miniature buildings, models and other paraphernalia provides one with enough material to conjure up a carnival of dolls within the space of your drawing room.

bombe mane-3

Festival of creativity

Thus, the doll festival becomes a festival of creativity where one can create a mini universe of their own and can be master of their own creation. Keep an aeroplane in a temple, make fishes fly, let an elephant swim in water – make whatever you want – you own the place, you own the dolls. Become a Salvador Dali and melt some clocks on tree branches. This is your own imaginative and surrealistic world of dolls – the la-la-land of dolls. There is no limit to this creativity until and unless there is a doll that bites.

The Doll Festival of Japan, ‘Hina Matsuri’ has rules and regulations, ‘do’s and ‘don’ts, tiers and hierarchies, but the ‘Bombe Habba’ gives one enough liberty to let the imagination run wild within the limits of ‘auchitya’ or propriety. So realise your dream world this Bombe Habba and unleash your creativity. -(KK)


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