Book on taxation and laws released

Though a few laws of the land have accorded exemption from tax to religious institu­tions, it is being misused. Moreover several religious centres have been found to be indulging in fraudulent activities leading to rampant corruption, alleged Registrar of University of Mysore C Basavaraju on Thursday.

He urged law students to take such issues seriously and fight against corruption and benefit the nation at large. Stringent implementation of laws is responsible for this state of affairs. Thus those who disrespect the Constitu­tion and fail to abide the law should be treated as anti-so­cial elements.

He was speaking after unveiling the book ledge Kanoonu,’ a book on taxation authored by K Sowmya, lec­turer in Sarada Vilas Law Col­lege. The book was unveiled by legal expert C K N Raja at Sarada Vilas Law College along with retired IRS officer B R Nagaraja Rao, Sarada Vilas Educational Institutions President B S Parthasarathy, Sarada Vilas Law College Principal Vineetha P K.

Registrar Prof Basavaraju pointed out that government employees were paying direct tax properly while many busi­nesses failed to pay the same. It is this which is responsible for the poor development of the country. Today, while the nation is able to survive because of direct tax on the other hand huge fraudulent practices have been found to avoid indirect tax payment. Thus, the law students have to come forward and ensure proper implementation of law and unearth such illegalities. It is time to root out corruption, he added.

Legal expert CKN Raja said that there was no lim­itation to pursue education.

Further, students have to con­duct research in order to un­derstand the works of great authors. Moreover, reading a book is far more effective than reading through internet, he added.


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