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Books on Kuvempu and Noam Chomsky released

Two books written by Prof N S Raghunath – “Kuvempu Kavanagalu: Ondu Samskruthika Charche” and “Bhasha Medulige Baagilu Theredavanu: Noam Chomsky” were released in the city on Sunday.

Samskruthi Book Paradise and Publications had organised a programme at Ganabharathi. Internationally acclaimed Sarod player Rajeev Taranath and retired principal Prof Shabbir Mohammad Mustafa released the books.

Speaking about the book on Chomsky, Shabbir Mohammad Mustafa said: “Chomsky was a linguist and a cognitive scientist. He is the father of modern linguistics, a major figure in analytic philosophy. A public person and most importantly a public intellectual. In the intellectual history of last 100 years that includes intellectuals like Einstein, Karl Marx, James Watson and others, Noam Chomsky also stands as a versatile genius. He inaugurated the cognitive revolution and is largely responsible for establishing procedural form of structural linguistics. With his book Syntactic Structures, Chomsky burst in to the category of intellectuals laid ideas of generative grammar,” he said.

“There are many professional linguists and a noted few are in Kannada writers’ list. Though none till date have penned on Chomsky, Prof N S Raghunath has written on his ideas and philosophies. He deserves an appreciation as complex ideas and minute details have been well expressed in the book in a simple language.

Chomsky’s contribution was revolutionary as he came out with innovation at its best. (Read: Original ideas) Chomsky had once said: “How a child learns language is not called language learning but its language acquisition.” Beautifully explaining a child’s development competence in language. His ideologies are very well presented in the book by Raghunath,” he added.

President of Ganabharathi Dr C G Narasimhan, activist and publisher Samskrithi Subramanya and others were present.

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