Boost to solar power

When conventional source of power generation like hydro-electric  has been tapped to the maximum and generating power through thermal projects  consumes the fast depleting fossil fuel it  is logical to go in for solar energy, particularly considering that India is blessed with abundant sunshine. There is uncertainty in respect of nuclear power, because India has to depend on other countries for nuclear fuel besides other risks. The  the World Bank lending $1b for solar energy is  welcome and timely. The loan that constitutes the largest to India is expected to finance projects that include solar rooftop technology, infrastructure for solar parks, bringing innovative solar and hybrid technologies  to market and transmission lines for solar-rich states. Solar energy is more benign on considerations of pollution also. Perhaps the only area the country has to focus now is in making the solar power generation more efficient and also popularise roof top technology. 

H R Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysuru

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