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A strong, positive self-image is the best preparation for success.  Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude determines your future. It is you who writes your script, no matter what the situation is. Only those who understand the intricacies of life make it big. The rest perish. In a world that is full of challenges, it is no easy job to succeed. One of the most-sought-after models, highly qualified and a promising actor, Bhavya Gowda has elegance, class and the right attitude to strike it rich. At a young age, she has everything – name and fame – something that is tough for the lesser mortals.

Bhavya proudly recalls her roots in sugar town aka Mandya, though she spent much of early days in Bengaluru. That she was born to excel, Bhavya took to modelling when she was barely nine. Her neighbour was looking for a child model and when he saw Bhavya, there was no second thought. The rest, they say, is part of history. It is not just modelling and acting that Bhavya is known for. She is a management student and a doctorate holder from the United Kingdom. She has also carved a niche in the field of fashion. What makes her stand out among her peers is her attitude to be the best, be it modelling, cinema or fashion.

Bhavya is an international icon who has made India proud with many global titles. She is the first Indian beauty to  be crowned Miss Earth (Midlands UK) in 2010 in the history of Great Britain. She was crowned in Blackpool Great Britain and was chosen from 64 contestants. She is also winner of the title Miss Colombo queen in 2013. Besides being a finalist in the Miss Commonwealth International 2010, Bhavya has also pocketed ‘Living Doll of the World’ title instituted by the World Bridal Association.


Very pretty, highly photogenic and earthy, Bhavya is a woman of substance. That she has conquered the world of fashion and modelling with unprecedented success, Bhavya, who has already ventured into films, is leaving no stone unturned to make her presence felt here as well.  A good beginning has been made and given her dedication, determination and devotion, Bhavya looks well set to take the film world by storm.








Could you tell us something about your childhood? How much did you enjoy it?

Hello Mysuru! Firstly, happy women’s day to all! My childhood was the most memorable time of my life and I am blessed to be bestowed with lots of talented helpful people around me like my teachers, parents and friends.  I was always a front bencher as I was very inclined to studies and was curious to learn new things that were thought in schools. I enjoyed the attention of all my classmates and teachers were fond of me. Being the student of Bishop Cottons, I enjoyed the carnivals and started modelling from the age of 9. My parents always gave my space and nurtured me with at most care. Being kin of a popular politician, it’s a great feeling.


What was your parents’ influence when you were young?

My parents always supported me. My father is my visionary and nay he is my best guide and always stood by me rock strong. My brother, my mother also helped me a lot. My father was very busy but always made time for me. He had great Influence on my decisions being big or small. He is an Institution who knows a lot about life and always encouraged me.


You seem to have achieved a lot in academics. Could you explain?

Yes I am hard working. I was an average student initially until a few incidents which made me more responsible towards my studies and life. My father made me understand how important it is to be in the race if life and his words made a change and made me school’s topper. If he did not do this and insulted or hit me, I would have never changed. Rather would have gone against in every issue not studied alone. I used to never sleep more than 4 hours in a day and made most of my education.

Was entry into glamour world by chance or choice? How was it initially?

I was a child model. Modelling had to happen. It was a coincidence. My neighbour was looking for a child model for brand weekender and approached me. So I took it up. It happened by chance and became a profession eventually.

Over the years, you have won lot of titles. Was it expected?

Well there is always a debate whether stars are made or born but I believe stars are born and then only can be moulded and made to be better stars. It runs in the blood to be a star. I have always wondered and seen myself as a guiding force to many. It’s again leadership trait and that is rightly inherited by my father and family. I happen to win Miss India Personality and then Miss Northampton and Miss Commonwealth World and Miss England finalist and eventually landed in Miss Earth UK to win the much coveted title 2011.


What it takes to be successful in any field?

It’s perfection, passion and perseverance and you nail it.

The positive and negative sides of Bhavya.

Bhavya Gowda is very sensitive and a very humble person who loves to uplift and do great in the field of education and fashion.

Apparently, you are also into films. Do you remember your first movie?

I am a theatre person. Acting is my passion and it’s my choice to be here. I am here to stay. My first movie is a British documentary.

Film land is highly competitive. How do you plan to go about it?

I am unique and everyone is different and everyone knows there is no replacement for a Bhavya Gowda. I am my own competition. I respect all talented people.

You also intend to make foray into Bollywood. How prepared are you?

I am an international icon. I have made India proud in the global picture. Sky is the limit, so I am always 10/10. A  dancer, a performer and a born entertainer that symbolises BG.

Do you see any difference between Bollywood and Sandalwood?

No all films are same and intact. Being a Kannada entity, I love Kannada films. We should promote and support Kannada films.

How do you treat success and failure?

I take up success and failures in the right spirit. We all have ups and downs, so we need to learn to handle situations.

Any one person who has influenced you a lot in your career.

Yes, my father and my teachers.

How is your tryst with modelling?

I love modelling but now only do celebrity endoresements and would love to model and make a difference if I get a chance to help a cause.


You are beautiful, successful as a person and you have everything that others would envy. Does it make you proud? Bhavya as a brand…

Bhavya as a brand BG will rock the nation in the future and would love to do my best in Education and would continue inspiring all students. I have lots of followers, so want to spread love and if people are envious it’s their problem and loss to understand I am beyond this cult.

What can we expect from you in the next couple of years?

Most Influential person in the world and woman of substance. I am certain hard work will take me at its peak in time.

Who are your favourite actors?

Dr Raj Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajiv Rathod and Al Pacino.

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