Brahmins stage protest; urge govt to provide funds for meals at schools

Mysuru, Aught 12:- The members of Mysuru City and District Brahmins’ Association staged a protest against the state government’s decision to stop donations to schools run by Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat.

“The children have no voting rights and there is no Brahmin ‘vote bank.’ Stop political vendetta and provide the schools with funds to serve meals for children,” urged the protesters.

D T Prakash and others were present.

-(KS, NGB)

  • sathish

    Brahmin / Iyer is a Title, cunningly looted by Jewis people who migrated India 5000years ago by doing amber stone trading with India. In India around 5000 years ago we followed ” Asivaham tradition “. Brahmin / Iyer is a title given to highest stage for Gurus ( because they dedicate entire life for serving human kind, they wear white colour dress ).

    This Migrated jews cunningly looted the Brahmin title. They cheated the people by telling they are Brahmin / Iyer by birth because they are white in colour . They cunningly occupied Temples by telling false stories. Finally they destroyed “ Asivaham tradition “. This is the true history how the original Indian sub-continent Hindu tradition was destroyed.

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