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Brains Hospital launches hybrid operating room

Prime News, Medical Science, Karnataka, Bengaluru, August 10:- Brains Neuro Spine Hospital, Bengaluru, launched the first of its kind operating suites at BR Life SSNMC Hospital, this Thursday.

Jayendra Puri Swamiji Padasevaka Peetadhipathi of Sri Kailasha Ashrama Mahasamsthana inaugurated the complex. The new operation theatre complex has got exclusive operating rooms with the most modern gadgets to make the brain and spine surgery safe and effective. This complex consists of independent operating suites.

This hybrid operating room is the first of its kind in India. The operating theatre can be used for a dual purpose: Micro-surgery as well as simultaneously for cerebrovascular intervention. This two-in-one operating room has the most sophisticated operating facility along with miniaturized cerebral angiography suite. In the operating room itself angiography for the brain can be performed, for diagnosis, for tumour embolisation, retrieval of the clot, to control bleeding, to study the blood flow, to deploy a stent and also to help the surgeons in preserving the normal blood vessel and also to control the bleeding during surgery.

Here two operating teams can work together – one team can perform micro-surgery and simultaneously, the other team can help assist, compliment and treat through endovascular techniques. The Ziehm technology from Germany installed in the theatre has this dual application machine which almost works like a cath-lab in the operating room.

The main advantages are – space utilisation, the ability for both the teams to work and complement each other especially in complex surgeries like highly vascular tumours, brain haemorrhage, aneurysm and arteriovenous malformations. Yet another advantage is that the patient need not be moved from the operating room. In addition, this technology provides a 3-dimensional imaging of the brain and spine making the neurosurgery very precise and effective.

Along with this, Neuronendoscopic suite, an operating theatre offering minimal invasive neuro-surgery through the endoscopic system was also launched. Starting from cranial endoscopy, skull-based endoscopy to spinal neuro-endoscopy will be performed. The major advantages of minimally invasive surgeries include less pain, less tissue injury, quick recovery and shorter hospital stay.

Speaking about the initiative Dr NK Venkataramana, founder chairman and chief neurosurgeon, Brains Neuro Spine Hospital, said, “All these have been done in order to bring the contemporary technology for neurosurgery all under one roof for the benefit of ailing neuro patients.” (MR)

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