Brazil criminalises anti-LGBT discrimination

Prime News, International, (Brasilia), June 15:-Brazil’s Supreme Court has criminalised discrimination and hateful acts against gays and transgenders.

The court on Thursday ruled with eight votes in favours out of 11 for the law. According to the court’s ruling, the homophobic and transphobic violence falls under the existing anti-racism laws.

Justice Carmen Lucia, who supports the new policy, said the court can’t deny protection “to those who have at times been denied the right to life, and most often to the right to liberty and dignity, by the absence of legislation,” the Hill reported.

The court ruled unanimously in 2011 that every state in Brazil had to recognize same-sex civil unions. However, the country has not passed reinforcing legislation.

Along with that, there is no provision to protect the LGBT community from harassment.

Some gay groups have earlier said that they have faced more threats of violence and hostility following the election of the country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, last year.

Brazil has one of the world highest murder rates when it comes to individuals in the LGBT community. In 2018, 420 LGBT people were killed across the country.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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