Brazilian lawyers push for President Dilma ​Rousseff’s impeachment

The Brazilian bar association piled more pressure on President Dilma Rousseff, saying it will file a new request tomorrow to Congress for her impeachment, in a political crisis that threatens to topple her government. Lawmakers have launched a congressional committee charged with deciding whether to bring a motion to impeach Rousseff over corruption allegations.
“Impeachment is enshrined in our constitution as a legal remedy for our democracy,” bar association (OAB) president Claudio Lamachia told the O Globo newspaper to , saying tomorrow’s action was endorsed almost unanimously by the bar as a defender of democracy.It was not a political decision, Lamachia added.

Rousseff last week condemned the “fascist methods” of opponents seeking her ouster and said the roiling crisis would leave a “scar” if not resolved democratically.The leftist leader ruled out stepping down, despite mass protests and the impeachment proceedings in Congress.

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